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  Yaesu G-5400B Azimuth / Elevation Rotor Click for larger view.  
  These are pictures of my Yaesu G-5400B Azimuth / Elevation rotor (with custom weather cover) along with its complement of antennas. These are the 2 m (144-148MHz), 70 cm (430-450MHz) and 23 cm (1.20 GHz) Circularly Polarized (CP) antennas, all capable of 360 Degrees Azimuth and 180 Degrees of Elevation of motion. Frequency Doppler shifting and physical tracking are all done under computer control.  
  ant2_01   ant2_02   ant2_03  
  This is an off axis front view of all of the antennas that are part of the array for satellite communication.   Back side view of the 20 element 2M CP yagi antenna.   This is the rotor assembly covered by my weather-proof shield. The intent of the shield is to protect the bearings for the horizontal mast (elevation rotor) from rain and weather exposure. An initial rebuild showed water in the bearings even though they were thoroughly greased!  
  ant2_04   an2_05   ant2_06  
  A view of the 1.2 GHz CP receive only antenna. You can also see the bottom connection to the 2M down-converter hidden on the
inside of the Rotor weather cover rear corner (mounted vertically inside the cover - you can see the tie-wraps holding it in place).
  Front view of the 70cM 16 element CP yagi antenna.   Right side of the elevation mast containing the 23 cM and 70cM CP antennas.  
  ant2_07       ant2_08  
  Off axis back side view of the whole antenna system.       A more orthogonal view of the back side of the antenna array. Part of my weather system is also shown on the mast.  
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