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  Global Positioning System (GPS) Disciplined Frequency Standard  
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  Modified Front Panel of HP Z3801A


This depicts the modified front panel of the original unit.
Three LEDs were added:
-RS-232 RCV (Yellow)
-RS-232 XMT (Red)
-GPS 1PPS Output (Blue)
  Top View of HP Z3801A   This is the top view (with the cover removed) showing all of the modifications. The new 8-channel GPS board is not visible here. (The blue plastic bag to the left of the oven holds the extra lid mounting screws.)  
  Switching Power Supply   This shows the power input module (upper left corner) and the 48V switching power supply (upper center) which is mounted to the back panel of the unit.  
  HP Z3801A Front Panel   This shows the front panel LEDs mounted from the inside (using hot-melt glue).  
  Oven Controller Modification   This shows the heater oven modification to keep it from "singing." The modification is the ceramic capacitor across U104.  
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