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  Gap Titan Vertical Antenna Click for larger view.  
  This is a simpler tilt-over mount for my Gap Titan Vertical Antenna which is guy'ed at the top to reduce wind loading on the mast. It is made from 1/4" thick aluminum plate and 1" thick aluminum blocks (which were easy to machine).  
  Ant3_01   ant3_02   ant3_03  
  This is the bottom mount with the stationary vertical mast on the left side and the tilt-over mast on the right. It is shown in the upright position.   This is the top "captive" mount where the two horizontal blocks are held together by the vertical bolt. You can see the nylon lock nut holding the bolt in place.   This shows the base when the antenna is tilted over for maintenance. The blocks are made with the holes being offset to allow the base to tilt a little past the 90 degree position, but not too much farther.  
  ant3_4a   ant3_05a   ant3_06a  
  This is the "maintenance position" for the antenna. You can see the electric winch assembly just below the tilt-over mount and the vertical wood 4 x 4 "catcher" to support the upper part of the antenna when it is in the horizontal position.   This is a closer view of the "maintenance position". The winch motor is the black cylinder sticking out to the right of the attached winch plate. You can also see 3 of the 4 guy strings sitting on the ladder rungs.   This shows the antenna system installed and the coax splice sealed up in a 3/4"inner diameter PVC pipe (going down to the junction box below it).  
    This is the Gap Titan fully upright and guy'ed in place. The guy wires (nylon string actually) attach to a small metal plate that is on the center vertical element just above where the 4 vertical tuning elements meet.    
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